Philips 10 Inch Challenge Globe

Philips 10 Inch Challenge Globe


Philips 10 inch globe standing on a raised oak chamfered base and resting on a rectangular oak base incorporating a ribbon pull to reveal it’s original Graphic Atlas by Bartholomew ( it is rare to find one of these charming sets still retaining it’s original Atlas and ribbon pull).


The chrome meridian is marked from 0 to 90 degrees and is surmounted by a circular scale marked 1 to 12.


The globe is marked ‘Philips 10” Challenge Globe, London Geographical Institute, George Philip & Son Ltd, 32, Fleet Street, London. And is in good original condition maintaining a good colour with very little wear.


The Atlas is also in very good condition, outstanding for a set of this age. There is an inscription inside the front cover which reads ‘Aww c.1958 Upper Heath Cottage’.  C.late 1950’s.

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