Restoration & Repair

Olde Time clock restoration and repair

Sympathetic Restoration

OldeĀ Time employ only the most skilful, experienced and passionate specialists to work on our clocks when necessary.

Cabinet makers who are dedicated to restoring casework using the traditional methods and materials.

Clock repairers who are chosen for their ability and the highest standards of workmanship where it matters most.

Dial painters whose skill and attention to detail are second to none.

Their painstaking work is channelled into bringing back the original character of each part, enhancing the beauty without detracting from it’s age.

We offer a full restoration and repair service for casework and furniture including missing veneers, fret work, Inlay, marquetry, carving and polishing.

Olde Time have always been known for their pursuit of perfection and as such we take great pride in the quality of our restoration and repair.

If you have an antique clock or barometer in need of repair or restoration please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Antique clock repairs and restoration by Olde Time antique clocks and barometers.

Olde Time clock restoration and repair