About Olde Time Antique Clocks and Barometers

About Olde Time

Olde Time like so many antique businesses was formed out of a passion for ‘old clocks’. Paul Nunn has been an enthusiastic collector of antique clocks for over thirty years with a genuine love and fascination for antique horology and when friends began constantly pestering him to sell some of his collection he decided to comply with their wishes. He started ‘Olde Time’ in 1993, from small beginnings and rapidly expanded the company with his partner Tracy Wright.  Very soon clients were finding their way to rural Norfolk from all over the country impressed by the quality and variety of beautiful clocks on offer.

Olde Time were pleased to be elected to join ‘BADA’ (British antique dealers association) and LAPADA (The London and provincial antiques dealers association) and from then on the company has evolved combining the talents of the most skilful, experienced and passionate specialists to produce a high profile antique clock and barometer business.  ‘Olde Time’ are also members of both the AHS (Antiquarian Horological Society) and the B.H.I (British Horological Institute). Located just outside the Cathedral City of Norwich Olde Time soon began exhibiting at major antique fairs up and down the country and as the business grew Paul enlisted the services of a top clockmaker and cabinetmaker to help lighten the load of restoration work that was rapidly increasing.

Olde Time’s extensive collection is beautifully displayed in a five hundred year old period farmhouse deep in the heart of East Anglia. When you visit ‘Olde Time’, relax in the sixteenth century surroundings, take as much time as you need to browse through a breathtaking selection of antique clocks and barometers.  Here you can examine each piece in historic, comfortable surroundings at your leisure.

Oak Bank Farm provides a special backdrop for a wide variety of antique clocks making it easier to visualise how each piece might look in a domestic setting.  Most importantly we always make sure the coffee is on! Alternatively, ‘Olde Time’s’ fascinating array of fine antique clocks and barometers can be viewed at major antique events throughout the country.

Olde Time Antique Clocks showroom Olde Time carry a wide range of different styles: Longcase clocks, Bracket clocks, Carriage clocks, Wall clocks, French clocks, Art Deco & Atmos clocks, Skeleton Clocks, Mantel clocks, Vienna Wall Clocks, Chronometers, Barometers and Barographs as well as a few select pieces of antique furniture.

Olde Time can offer something that will appeal to the serious collector and those looking for an elegant clock with which to decorate their home.  We carry an extensive range of antique clocks from classic Seventeenth Century examples to the Art Deco period.

We are always happy to send images of any clock or barometer which may be of interest to you, either by e-mail or by post.