Marine Chronometer by Dobbie McInnes

Marine Chronometer by Dobbie McInnes No. 10031

Three tier mahogany box with inset cartouche signed ‘Dobbie McInnes Ltd 10031, Glasgow’.  Inset brass carrying handles, brass escutcheon to the base, ‘push button’ decorated brass knob opening the third tier.

The movement has spotted brass plates with four pillars and ten jewels with Harrison’s maintaining power, Earnshaw type spring detent with split bi-metallic balance with cylindrical temperature compensation weights, steel helical balance and faceted diamond endstone.

The movement is set in a lacquered brass bowl with screw down bezel mounted within a pivoted gimbal with knurled locking screw and brass tipsy key.

All the wheelwork and parts of this chronometer are original and in good condition, the movement (in line with all clocks offered for sale by Olde Time) has been stripped down, completely overhauled, cleaned and tested. C.1920

The firm of Dobbie McInnes was founded c.1900 as a partnership between Dr James Dobbie of Newcastle who later became Sir James Dobbie, he was a clever scientist, his sister married Norman Howarth who was a nobel prize winner responsible for isolating Vitamin C.

T.S.McInnes of Glasgow was a clever engineer who made engine speed indicators. They began making speed indicators and then compasses, theodolites, telescopes, sextants and all manner of scientific instruments.  On May 10th / 11th 1941 their premises at 57, Bothwell Street, Glasgow were completely destroyed by German bombs.  They also had premises in London and Liverpool. The firm ceased trading c.1958


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