Celestial Globe


Twelve inch tabletop celestial globe standing on a raised turned mahogany stand.

This fine celestial globe is complete with it’s original coloured paper gores (restored) showing the constellations, brass merdian circle engraved from 0 to 90 degrees. C.1850

The globe is signed ‘manufactured and published under the superintendence of the society for the diffusion of useful knowledge’ by Malby and Son, in the Queens Street, Holborn. It also reads collated from the works of Piazzi, Bradley, Hevelius, Mayer, La Caille and Johnson. These were some of the finest astronomers of the period.

Malby and company were formed in 1939 by Thomas Malby (senior) and were well known for finely engraved and extremely accurate maps and atlases taken from the work of John Addison. Addison was the engraver and globe maker to George IV and it seems that Thomas Malby was given production rights to Addisons work or indeed was working closely with him from 1839-1850.

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