Art Deco ATO Mantel Clock

Art Deco ATO Clock

Art deco ATO clock standing on a three tiered Bakelite base supporting a glass dial with Art Deco style chrome numerals and chrome chapter ring.

The movement is powered by a 1.5 volt battery, the curved bar on the pendulum is a hollow rod containing a magnet at it’s right hand end. As the magnet swings in and out of the coil assembly, the current induced in the trigger coil switches on a transistor and delivers impulse through the second coil. C.1930

ATO clocks were founded by Leon Hatot in Besancon in 1905. A visionary engineer he concentrated on electric horology specifically clocks and watches powered by electric cells. In 1923 electric clocks were produced under the name ‘ATO’ they quickly became very successful which led to a second workshop being established in Paris.

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