19th Century Brass Theodolite by S.P.Cohen, Glasgow

19th Century Laquered Brass Theodolite By S.P.Cohen, Glasgow

Extending telescope with rack and pinion focusing and centrally mounted spirit level, located on the limb with twin clamps, half vertical circle inset with vernier scale marked from 0 to 30 degrees for ‘Diff of Hypo’, and base.

V frame supports mounted on a vernier plate with silvered compass level and cross levels. 0 to 30 degrees horicontal circle with chamfered silver scale standing on a four screw tripod adjustment with extending sight and plum level in original carrying case. C.1845

Simon Phineas Cohen was a partner and the manager of the Glasgow branch of A.Abraham and Co. Of Liverpool. A.Abraham and Co. Are listed as important makers who exhibited at the royal exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851.   Cohen traded from various addresses in Glasgow, Queen Street (1844) 105, Buchanan Street (1845-1849) St Vincent Street (1852) and also 136 Buchanan Street (1853).  He was working from 1844 to 1853, by which date he was declared bankrupt owing Abraham Abraham £1,960!


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