Wall Clocks

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Art Deco Industrial Wall Clock

Art Deco Wall Clock

French Gilt Cartel Clock

Regency Coromandel and Mother of Pearl Drop Dial Clock

Victorian Mahogany Drop Dial Clock

Victorian Vienna ‘Regulator’ Wall Clock

Mahogany Sedan Timepiece

Regency Convex dial wall clock by Grant, Portsmouth

Olde Time wall clocks

William Crow, London

Olde Time Regency ‘Mother of Pearl’ Drop Dial Clock

William Birch, Maidstone

Olde Time French Ormolu Cartel Clock

French Ormolu Cartel Clock

Olde Time George II Hooded Wall Clock

George II Hooded

Olde Time French Wall Clock

French Wall Clock

Olde Time George I Lantern Clock by Richard Rayment of Bury St Edmunds. C.1720

George I Lantern Clock