Antique Mantel Clocks

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What is a Mantel Clock?

Mantel clocks, sometimes known as shelf clocks, are relatively small or medium-sized house clocks traditionally placed on a shelf or mantel piece.

Mantel Clock Features

When and Where Were Mantel Clocks Made?

Mantel clocks were first produced in France in the 1750’s and came in a multitude of styles with varying case styles and movements.

Typically running for eight days, many were timepieces meaning that they do not strike, however a large number were made to sound the hours on either a silvered bell or a gong.  Towards the end of the nineteenth century, a great number were made to sound Westminster or sometimes Whittington chimes.

Often mantel clock cases followed the architecture and interior decorating fashions of the day and can be found from very simple plain cases to the highly decorative. A beautiful mantel clock makes a stylish addition to any room.

Mantel Clocks for Sale

A large number of mantel clocks have undergone a great deal of alteration over the years and as such prices of mantel clocks are influenced by condition, originality and authenticity.  The best advice which applies to buying a mantel clock is to be vigilant and seek the advice of a reputable experienced dealer.

Olde Time Mantel Clocks for Sale

We supply a wide range of mantel clocks here at Olde Time. We have a huge choice with each clock more unique than the next.

Mantel Clock Maintenance and Repair

In order to keep your mantel clock looking as good as new, here are some maintenance guidelines:

  • Keep the clock out of direct sunlight and avoid excessive hot or cold temperatures.
  • When cleaning surrounding areas, avoid moving the clock around. If the clock has to be moved be very careful to either remove the pendulum or keep it as still as possible and move the clock slowly so as to avoid damage to the movement.
  • A weekly feather dusting or cleaning of the casework with a mild natural beeswax or crystalline wax will help to remove fingerprints and a build-up of dust from the case. Crystalline wax is a mixture of refined waxes, blended to a formula used by the British Museum to revive and protect valuable furniture, leather, paintings, metals, marble, etc. It is available to buy from Olde Time.
  • Never use household cleaners or abrasives of any kind to clean any part of the clock.

An antique mantel clock should only be cleaned and overhauled by a specialist restorer.  Never attempt to clean or repair an antique clock yourself.

Chinoiserie Decorated Mantel Clock, Ting-Tang Striking

Miniature Rosewood Mantel Clock, Edward Bird, Bristol

Art Deco Westminster Chiming Clock by Perivale

Art Deco Marble Mantel Clock

Copper Arts and Crafts Mantel Clock

French Decorative Porcelain Clock Garniture

Edwardian Blue Mantel Clock, Finnigans

Royal Geographical Society World Clock

French White Marble Mantel Clock by Samuel Marti

Art Deco Oak Westminster Chiming Mantel Clock

Edwardian Mahogany Balloon Clock, Asprey, London

Inlaid Mahogany Balloon Mantel Clock

Art Deco Red Vitascope Clock

Art Deco Green Vitascope Clock

Edwardian Chinoiserie Decorated Mantel Clock. Bagshaw, Liverpool

French Tortoiseshell Boulle Clock, Samuel Marti, Paris

French Porcelian Mantel Clock by Raingo Freres

French Onyx and Champleve Four Glass Mantel Clock

French Decorative Porcelain Mantel Clock

Rare Skyscraper Rouge Marble Art Deco Mantel Clock

Oak Cased Mantel Clock c.1900

Small Mahogany Mantel Clock, Webster, London

Victorian Mahogany Mantel clock, S.Marti, Paris

Walnut Bell Top Mantel Clock, Asprey, London

Fine French Tortoiseshell Boulle Clock

Chinoiserie Decorated Mantel Clock, Thornhill, london

Art Nouveau Mahogany Balloon Clock

French Champleve Clock Garniture