French Clocks Mantel Clocks

Click on the Picture Links below to see our current French Clocks Mantel Clocks for sale:

French White Marble and Ormolu Pillar Clock

French Brass & Champleve Garniture

French White Marble Mantel Clock

French Ormolu and Porcelain Panel Mantel Clock

French Water Automation Clock

French Empire Ormolu Clock

French Ormolu and Marble ‘Chariot’ Clock

Four Glass Mantel Clock with Champleve Decoration

French Ceramic Mantel Clock

French Bronze Elephant Clock

Louis XIV French Boulle Clock

French Directoire Pillar Clock

French Empire Mantel Clock

French Tortoishell Boulle Clock

Miniature French White Marble Garniture

French Ormolu Mantel Clock

French Boulle Clock

French Vernis Martin Mantel Clock

French Charles X Ormolu Mantel Clock

Art Nouveau Balloon Clock

Edwardian Balloon Clock

Chinoiserie Decorated Pagoda Top Mantel Clock

Early Victorian Strut Clock

Ormolu and white marble mantel clock

Louis XV Boulle clock with Quarter Repeat Facility

French Bronze & Ormolu clock with Automation

French Green ‘Tortoiseshell’ Boulle Clock

French Ormolu Lyre clock

Olde Time French Empire Ormolu and Bisque Porcelain Clock

Empire Ormolu and Bisque Porcelain Clock

Olde Time Porcelain Mantel Clock

Porcelain Mantel Clock