Antique Carriage Clocks

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What is a Carriage Clock? 
Compact, elegant and easy to transport, the carriage ‘travelling’ clock has proved the most collectable of antique clocks. 

The range of case styles varies greatly, from plain and elegant examples to highly decorative cases, incorporating champlevé enamel, cloisonné, miniature and all types of applied decoration.
Carriage Clock Features 
When and Where Were These Clocks Made?  
During the 19th Century, the majority of carriage clocks were made in France, predominantly in workshops in and around Paris. Most carriage clocks were unsigned as they were made for export to countries all over the world, and then retailed by local jewellers and clockmakers. 

French carriage clocks by known makers, such as Drocourt, Jacot, Paul Garnier and Margaine, are valued highly. England did have its own carriage clockmakers, but they produced far fewer clocks for a more select market. They were made by the best London clockmakers, like McCabe, Frodsham, Dent, Vuillamy, Barwise, Smith and Jump, and will fetch the highest prices. 

English carriage clocks tended to be larger, heavier and considerably more expensive, making use of a fusee and chain to drive the movement rather than the less reliable spring drive. They also incline towards restraint with plainer, more solid looking cases as opposed to the more elaborate French style. 

With the outbreak of the First World War, the production of carriage clocks largely decreased and by 1939, very few were being made. Today, however, the reproduction of carriage clocks has picked up and they are being made in fairly large numbers in both France and England. 

Apart from case style, there are many different types of movement. From timepieces (a clock that does not strike) to the sophistication of the striking and repeating work. Striking on a bell pre-dates that of a gong, with a changeover period occurring in the mid-19th Century. 
Carriage Clocks for Sale 
As with all antique clocks, changes to the originality of the case or movement can have a dramatic effect on price. Therefore, it is important to seek the advice or a specialist horological dealer when considering buying an antique carriage clock.
Olde Time Carriage Clocks for Sale 
Often regarded as the most beautiful of antique clocks, we supply a wide range of antique carriage clocks here at Olde Time. We have a huge choice, with each clock more unique than the next. 
Carriage Clock Maintenance and Repair 
In order to keep your antique carriage clock looking as good as new, you should follow these maintenance guidelines: 

Keep the clock out of direct sunlight and avoid excessive hot and cold temperatures. 
Never use household cleaners or abrasives of any kind to clean any part of the clock, especially the gold plating and lacquer. 
A weekly feather dusting or cleaning of the casework with a crystalline wax will help to remove fingerprints and a build-up of dust from the case. Crystalline wax is a mixture of refined waxes, blended to a formula used by the British Museum to revive and protect valuable furniture, leather, paintings, metals, marble, etc. It is available to buy from Olde Time.  

An antique carriage clock should only be cleaned and overhauled by a specialist antique clock restorer. Never attempt to clean or repair an antique clock yourself. 

Fine Engraved Carriage Clock by Bolviller

French Decorative Repeating Carriage Clock, Drocourt

Cartier ‘Leopard Print’ Travel Alarm Clock

Travel Alarm Clcok by Jaeger Le Coultre

Ornate French Gilded Repeating Carriage Clock

French Brass Cased Carriage Clock with Champleve Decoration

Art Deco Travel / Alarm Clock by Jaeger Le Coultre

Victorian Pocket Watch, Barometer and Thermometer Compendium Set

Victorian Oval Carriage Clock With Compass

Victorian Gilded Gorge Case Carriage Clock

Victorian Onyx Carriage Clock, Hampton & Sons, Pall Mall

Victorian Gilded Carriage Clock

Art Deco Carriage Alarm Clock

Art Deco ‘Cubist; Travel Clock signed Cartier

Gilded French Carriage Clock signed Mappin & Webb

Jaeger Le Coultre Alarm Clock

Miniature French Rosewood Mantel Clock

Jaeger Le Coultre Weather Station

French Cannelee Cased Repeating Carriage Clock

Repeating Carriage Clock by Margaine, Paris

Victorian Clock and Barometer Set

Art Nouveau Style Carriage Clock

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Olde Time Miniature Silver Carriage Clock

Miniature Silver Carriage Clock

Olde Time Engraved Repeating Carriage Clock

Engraved Repeating Carriage Clock

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Gorge Cased Repeating Carriage Clock